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Snider 60

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Arkansas Hunting Lease

60 & 40 acres - Columbia County, AR

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Land Sales



1,258 deed acre Timberland Sale (5 tracts in single sale; 1,242 gis acres)

Natural pine and hardwood (30 to 60 years old)

Lafayette and Columbia Counties, Southwest Arkansas.

List Price $1,600,000


Tract 1:         40 deed acres NE/4 SW/4 Sec 10, T15S R24W Lafayette County (see maps)


Tract 2:         160 deed acres (156 gis acres)  E/2 NE/4 Sec 10; W/2 NW/4 Sec 11, T15S R24W Lafayette County (see maps)


Tract 3:         40 deed acres N/2 S/2 NE/4 Sec 14, T15S R24W Lafayette County (see maps)


Tract 4:         41 deed acres (40 gis acres) SE/4 NE/4 Sec 13, T15S R24W Lafayette County (see maps)


Tract 5:         977 deed acres (966 gis acres) NW/4; SW/4 Sec 5; SE/4 NE/4; N/2 SE/4; SW/4 SE/4 Sec 7;W/2 NW/4 Sec 8, T16S R22W Lafayette County and NE/4; N/2 SE/4; E/2 SW/4; PT SE/4 NW/4 Sec 5;

NE/4 SE/4; SW/4 SE/4 Sec 7; NW/4; W/2 SW/4 Sec 8, T16S R22W Columbia County (see maps).


Timber:           Timber inventoried by Joe Willett & Teddy Reynolds. Bidders are welcome to conduct due diligent inspections/inventories. Individuals entering property assume liability and waive landowner of liability.

Access:          Refer to maps.

Legal/Lines    Boundary lines identified with paint and/or flagged. No survey provided.

Location:          Lafayette and Columbia Counties in Southwest Arkansas.


Reservation:      Surface rights only, no minerals conveyed.


Closing:            Closing in two weeks of acceptance; closing costs split 50% including title insurance.


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400 acre 92% acres fully stocked in planted pine


Stand 2a - 14-year Planted Loblolly Pine



High Bid Accepted - Closing in Process

 Sealed Bid Timberland Sale

Cox Creek 400

400 acres 92% acres fully stocked planted pine in Hot Springs County, Southwest Arkansas (near De Gray Lake)


Overview: 400 deed acres (398gis) near De Gray Lake gentle rolling 460 to 600 feet elevation thin sandy loam and gravelly red clay base, sub-soil single rip, competition control, and planted 2nd generation Loblolly pine by IP.

  Stand 1: 118-acre planted pine 17-year, 1st thinned January 2014; 11-acre fire browned crowns and reduced dbh growth 1 & heights 7 feet.

  Stand 2a: 204-acre planted pine 14-year, ready for 1st thin.

  Stand 2b: 43-acre planted pine 14-year, 1st thinned February 2014.

  Stand 3: 13-acre streamside management zone (smz) with hardwood/pine and flowing creek.

  Stand 4: 3-acre transition between stands in natural hardwood.

  Stand 5: 17-acres in roads (gravel & paved).

Access:             One mile county road frontage (Cox Creek road paved and Honda road graveled) and 1.5 miles gravel internal roads constructed for year-round use by IP. West pipe gate combo 0200.

Boundary         Boundary lines painted IP red. W SW Section 14 and SW NE; SE NE; NW SE; N SW; SW SW; E SE Section 15 all in Township 5 South, Range 22 West 400 deed acres, more or less, Hot Springs County, Arkansas.

Location:            Hot Springs County, Southwest Arkansas.


Sealed Bid: 1:00 pm Thursday, July 16th, 2015 (bid luncheon at noon; USA central time).


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160 acres Timberland Sale


Stand 3 - hardwood smz


Direct Offer Accepted - Closing in Process

 Polk L160

160 acres in Polk County, Southwest Arkansas (south of Mena)


Property Overview: 160 acres in foothills of Ouachita mountains with fine gravel in sandy loam over top clay base.

         Stand 1: 45-acre 13 year old unthinned planted pine ready for 1st thinning.

         Stand 2: 18-acre 25 year old 1st thinned planted pine.

         Stand 3: 30-acre mature natural hardwood streamside management zone with scattered pine.

         Stand 4: 67-acre 6 year natural regeneration.


Timber: Timber inventoried by Joe Willett; bidders are welcome to conduct due diligent inspections/inventories. Individuals entering the property assume liability, and waive landowner of liability.


Legal/Lines: S NE and E NW in Section 27, Township 4 South, Range 31 West, Polk County, Arkansas, 160 acres more or less. Boundaries painted white and flagged with white RFC flagging. No survey provided.


Location: Polk County, Southwest Arkansas


Listing Price: $203,837 - 100% mineral rights conveyed



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Fronting Baker Creek for 3.25 miles


Tract Name: Cossatot 641

Description: Scenic timberland property in the Ouachita Mountain Range displaying panoramic mountain views of natural and planted pine and hardwood forests networked with  excellent roads. Fronting Baker Creek for 3.25 miles which feeds Harris Creek and Cossatot River all renowned for their canoeing and recreation. The Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area is south of  the property which is also close to the Howard County State Wildlife Management Area.

Originating in the Caney Creek Wilderness Area is Baker Creek that resembles a river at times, making a very exciting Class II to V whitewater stream of immense natural beauty and equally canoeing technicality. 

Location: Howard County, Arkansas

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: Call or email for details

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Tract Name: St. Martin 835

Description: Cypress-willow-tupelo forest located in the central portion of the Atchafalaya Basin known as America's River of Trees which is the largest contiguous bottomland hardwood forest in North America situated at the mouth of the most important waterfowl flyway supporting half of Americas migratory waterfowl, more than 300 bird species, including neotropical migratory land birds and other birds of the Mississippi Flyway. The crisscross of rivers and canals makes travel memorable and fun. 

Over 100 species of fish, crawfish, shrimp and freshwater crabs support sport and commercial fishing. Other animals that call the Atchafalaya home are the endangered Louisiana black bear, white tail deer, bobcat, coyote, alligator, beaver, nutria, mink, otter and fox. Over 8 million pounds of wild crawfish are harvested from the basin each year.

Location: St. Martin Parish & Iberville Parish, Louisiana

Access: Boat Only

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: $1,000 per acre

Tract Prospectus





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Tract Name: Billingsley 80

Description: 80 acres of Longleaf Pine Plantation.

Location: Autauga County, Alabama

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: $193,000

Click Here To View Tract Prospectus



Tract Name: Fisher's Nook Subdivision

Description: Lots by Lake DeQueen

Location: Sevier County, Arkansas

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: Refer to Lot Price List

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