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Nevada 80

Investment Tract

Current Sale

Nevada 80

Nevada County, Arkansas

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Saline 150 acres

Beautiful hardwood and pine natural forest timberland investment  

Saline County, Arkansas



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Land Sales


Upcoming timberland sales by seal bid:

1)  Linden 104 acres - 4-year planted pine; 9 miles south of Linden, southeast Texas, Cass County.

2) Village 142 acres - Natural mixed hardwood and pine; southwest Arkansas, Columbia County.

3) Jonesboro 500 acres - planted pine; north Louisiana, Jackson County.


Nevada 80


st1 22-acres, planted pine


Hardwood smz; yrs18-50; ac5 (st3)

New Sealed Bid Sale


Timberland Investment Sale - planted pine & natural hardwood

Nevada 80 – Nevada County, SW Arkansas

Sealed Bid: 1pm Thursday, October 5th, 2017 (bidder attendance welcome, luncheon at noon; central time).


Location: Nevada County, Arkansas


Ted's Quote:     Mid-rotation planted pine & bottomland natural hardwood combined in one investment.


Description:     80 deed/gis acres, flat with slight topography, 280 feet elevation, silt & sandy loam:

·  stand 1: 22-acres, planted loblolly pine, yrs18, 10”dbh, 73’ total ht, 405tpa.

·  stand 2: 49-acres, natural hardwood with older scattered pine, yrs18, 424tpa.

·  stand 3: 5-acres, smz, mixed hardwood mature/regeneration, 175tpa.

·  stand 4: 4-acres, open (food plots)


Timber:             Below summary by in-house forester Teddy Reynolds 870-299-0977. Bidders invited to conduct due diligent inspections; individuals entering tract waive owner liability.


stand dbh (avg) height (avg) tons
# type establish year age trees per acre acres (gis) current growth/yr total ft/yr per tree per acre life growth avg current growth
2017 total % life current acre/yr % / yr acre/yr % / yr
1 pine AR native planted 1999 18 405 22 28% 10.0'' 0.56'' 0.30'' 73' 4.1' 0.5 185 10.3 5.6% 14 7%
2 pine native >4'' 1999 18 15 424 49 61% 12.0'' natural mixed hardwood with older scattered pine
oak 247 6.0''
misc 162
3 smz native '67-'99 18-50 175 5 6%   natural mixed hardwood mature & regeneration
4 open food plot - - - 4 5% -
  years tpa 80 100% inch feet % = compounding; avg = average; yr = year



              st2 49-acres natural hardwood                                                     south access road                                          Nevada County, Arkansas


Philadelphia 80



Cypress bottom and year round flowing creek



Columbia County, Arkansas



Tract Name: Philadelphia 80 . . . majestic oak forest


Ted's Quote:   “79 year old hardwood forest's annual 2.8% biological growth rate is better than 5-year US Treasury Bill”.


Description:     80 deed acres bottomland 200 feet elevation in silty loam.

·  77 acres of 79 year old mature hardwood forest with year round flowing creek.

·   3 acres in roads, pipeline and well sites.


Timber:            2014 inventory by Joe Willett with ton growth based on 2017 tree cores as below by forester, Teddy Reynolds 870-299-0977. Bidders invited to conduct due diligent inspections; individuals entering tract assume liability & waive owner liability.


Product 2014 Inventory Current Growth/Year 2017
Acres Dbh Logs Tons Percent Tons Tons
Pine Sawtimber 77 17.8 2.7          1,330 2.9%        0.5       1,449
Pine Pulpwood 8.4 2.6             171 1.4%        0.0          178
Oak Sawtimber 19.8 1.8          1,923 3.9%        1.1       2,156
Miscellaneous Sawtimber 18.8 2.0             822 2.2%        0.2          877
Hardwood Pulpwood 10.2 2.0          1,212 1.6%        0.3       1,270
Roads & Wells 3 - -               -                  -                      -  
  80              5,458 2.8%        2.2       5,930




Cherry Bark Oak, 38" dbh & 2.5 logs                                             Excellent gravel access from south & west


Sealed Bid: 1pm Thursday, August 17th, 2017 (bid luncheon at noon; USA central time).


Location: Columbia County, Arkansas



Saline 150 acres


  Saline County, Central Arkansas



Tract Name: Saline 150


150 acres in Saline County, Central Arkansas (West of Little Rock, Northwest of Benton and Bryant)

Description: Beautiful hardwood and pine natural forest timberland investment with residential capabilities, just off Congo Ferndale Road.

Location: Saline County, Central Arkansas

Click here to view in Google Maps

Listed Sale Price: $550,000



Tract Name: St. Martin 835

Description: Cypress-willow-tupelo forest located in the central portion of the Atchafalaya Basin known as America's River of Trees which is the largest contiguous bottomland hardwood forest in North America situated at the mouth of the most important waterfowl flyway supporting half of Americas migratory waterfowl, more than 300 bird species, including neotropical migratory land birds and other birds of the Mississippi Flyway. The crisscross of rivers and canals makes travel memorable and fun. 

Over 100 species of fish, crawfish, shrimp and freshwater crabs support sport and commercial fishing. Other animals that call the Atchafalaya home are the endangered Louisiana black bear, white tail deer, bobcat, coyote, alligator, beaver, nutria, mink, otter and fox. Over 8 million pounds of wild crawfish are harvested from the basin each year.

Location: St. Martin Parish & Iberville Parish, Louisiana

Access: Boat Only

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: $1,000 per acre

Tract Prospectus





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Tract Name: Billingsley 80

Description: 80 acres of Longleaf Pine Plantation.

Location: Autauga County, Alabama

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: $193,000

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Tract Name: Fisher's Nook Subdivision

Description: Lots by Lake DeQueen

Location: Sevier County, Arkansas

Sale Type: Listed

Sale Price: Refer to Lot Price List

Click Here To View Tract Prospectus


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