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Village 142

Natural Investment Tract

Sealed Bid Sale 2-22-2018

Village 142 acres

Columbia County, Arkansas


Nevada 80

Investment Tract

Current Sale

Nevada 80

Nevada County, Arkansas


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        Hunting Leases Available

Current as of 03-20-2017


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Acres County State Section, Township, Range Per Acres Total Comments


Austin 40 40 Lafayette AR NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec 5, T15S, R23W $6.00 $1.53 $7.53 $301.18  
Little River 115 115 Little River AR W1/2 SE1/4; Pt SE1/4 SE1/4 Sec 13, T10S, R33W $6.00 $0.86 $6.86 $789.43


Hunting lease awarded to the first to commit to contract.

Annual renewable Hunting leases begin June 15th 2016.

Additional annual $200 over night charge if staying on property.

Texas lease requires permit from

If none of the listed tracts interest you, please be sure to check back frequently as we are constantly adding new hunting lease opportunities.

Questions - email or call 870-234-0200 or cell 870-299-0978.

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