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Bodcaw 265-acres

Planted Pine &

Natural Hardwood


Nevada County, Arkansas

SOLD 12/31/2021


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Job Opportunities

Forestry Job Opening

Position #1: Silviculture Forester


Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, PLLC

Magnolia, Arkansas

A)    Job Opening:

Position #1 Responsibilities: “Silviculture Forester” in all aspects of pine/hardwood silviculture and contract management (report to senior forester).

B)     Compensation:

a)      Starting Salaries: $35,000 – 60,000 depending on experience, degree level, and grade point. Paychecks issued bi-weekly with initial two week lag; checks mailed each Friday afternoon. Salaried employee status.

b)      Raises: based as employee transitions in project execution from ‘command’ to ‘instruction’ to ‘monitor’ to ‘executive’ level. Likewise, training time from senior staff decreases while the employee’s quality and project efficiency simultaneously increase. Company critique and accountability intensity increase as the employee assumes higher levels of responsibility which correspond with improved service performance and higher net profit with corresponding raises. Some employees may receive several raises in a single year, while others may experience none due to training time and performance; this is back-dropped on the company’s individual year performance and net profit.

c)      Time: average work week is 50 hours Monday through Friday depending on projects and field time. Project deadlines occasionally include working evenings and/or weekends.

d)      Comp Time: applicable to full days worked on weekends over one weekend per month and for vacation and holidays not utilized.

e)      Matching Investment: after 1 year employee qualifies for 2% company matching of their salary that is invested by employee in matching value in company shares with seven year vestige.

f)       Insurance Stipend: $200/month is provided each month for health insurance. Continuance is based on annual proof of active health insurance.

g)      Vehicles: the company reimburses company use vehicle for out of office project mileage based on bluebook value, insurance, standard maintenance and fuel price. The company also has a company vehicle provision option for employees above 50% field time.

h)      Bonuses: are applied at president’s discretion generally depending on division project profitability on an employee specific basis which is back-dropped on the company’s individual year performance and net profit.

i)        Profit Sharing: After three years an employee can be elected by the board to participate in profit sharing (annual set percentile of net profit after taxes in addition to company stock investment).

B) Vacation Days:

·         First year: 1 week (5 business days) with accrue basis based on 1 earned vacation day per 52 weekdays worked.

·         Second year: 2 weeks (10 business days) with accrue basis based on 1 earned vacation day per 26 weekdays worked.

·         After 5th year: 3 weeks (15 business days) with accrue basis based on 1 earned vacation day per 17.4 weekdays worked.

·         After 10th year: 4 weeks (20 business days) with accrue basis based on 1 earned vacation day per 13 weekdays worked.

C) Holidays: Five holidays (four set each year by company and one floating day).

D) Professional training: paid by company such as CEs (continued education), certifications, professional registrations, licensing, etc are paid by the company with the employee being vested in the associated cost after 7 years.

E) Performance Evaluations: each employee meets with the division head and/or officer on a monthly basis to discuss strengths and weaknesses in project performance and responsibility. Occasionally supervisors and/or board members are invited to the meeting. This time is directed towards a growing experience and includes difficult and challenging critique.

F) Company Structure: Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, Pllc is owned and operated by its employees and by-laws ensure outgoing invested employees sell their shares back to the company.

G) Advancement: promotions, managerial positions and presidency within in the company are based on performance and contribution as awarded by division managers, president and board. There are no limits on an employee’s growth and advancement within the company.

H) Company Growth: Reynolds Forestry growth is in part due to its highly specialized and diverse capabilities. Likewise, internal changes in response to opportunity are inevitable and to ensure timely and due diligent steps, major company decisions affecting employees and clients are decided by majority board vote or tabled until such time as a majority is achieved. All policy and procedures directed by the president and board are provided to each employee and compiled in the company policy and procedure manual. A compilation of ongoing active policy, clarifications and amendments are provided to employees.

Send resume to or for more information contact Yana Vasylenko at (870) 234-0200 x214.

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