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Bodcaw 265-acres

Planted Pine &

Natural Hardwood


Nevada County, Arkansas

SOLD 12/31/2021


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Timberland Investment Sale

Planted Pine & Natural Hardwood

Southeast of Hope in Southwest Arkansas coastal plains

Bodcaw 265-acres in Nevada County


SOLD 12/31/2021


Overview: 265-acres in 13-year old planted pine & natural hardwood. Winter logging, with public road access on county road Nevada 13:

stand #1: 117-acres in 13-year old planted loblolly 2nd generation pine, 7’x10’ spacing, grass sprayed, forester Joe Willett.

stand #2: 69-acres in 2-year old natural hardwood.

stand #3a: 18-acres in 61-year old smz natural mature hardwood.

stand #3b: 29-acres in 31-year old smz natural hardwood.

stand #3c: 12-acres in 9-year old smz natural hardwood.

homeplace: 3-acres, rural water, natural gas and electricity accessible.

pond: 1-acre.

open: 16-acres in good internal roads, decks & food plots, transition & powerline.

Inventory: Forester, Joe Willett, 870-904-1494. Buyers Conducting due diligent inspections on tract assume liability & waive owner’s liability.

stand type acres origin 2021 pine dbh product tons tons
age tpa dbh ht dbh grth/yr os ms pw os ms pw total per acre
1 planted pine immature 117 2008 13 436 7.0'' 34.4' 0.57''      
2 native mix immature 69 2019 2  
3a smz natural hardwood mature 18 1960 61 20.7'' 17.2'' 11.7'' 600 495 245 1,340 74
3b smz natural hardwood 29 1990 31     1,222 1,222 42
3c smz natural hardwood immature 12 2012 9    
  homeplace 3  
pond 1
roads, decks, powerline, transition 16
    265                   600 495 1,467 2,562 117
os = oak sawlogs; ms = miscellaneous sawlogs; pw = pulpwood; tpa = trees per acre; dbh = diameter breast height; ht = height; " = inches; ' = feet  


Soil: Fine sandy loam with 3 to 8 percent slopes; gentle rolling, elevation 300 feet - 350 feet, winter logging. Planted pine growing 3.12 feet/year and dbh growing 0.57”/year.


2021/05/31 RFC&RE Aerial flight

Bid Letter

Bid Prospectus

Vicinity Map

Bird's Eye Map


Soil Report

Topo Map

2019 Image Aerial Map

USA Locator Map

stand 1 - 7.0" dbh growing 3.12 feet/year & dbh growing 0.57”/year

stand 1 - 117-acres in 13-year old planted loblolly 2nd generation pine, 7’x10’ spacing, grass sprayed, forester Joe Willett.

stand 3a oak sawtimber

stand 2 - 69-acres in 2-year old natural hardwood

stand 3b - 31-year old smz natural hardwood

stand 3a - 18-acres in 61-year old smz natural mature hardwood.

stand 3a - black gum

pond 1-acre

stand 3c - 12-acres in 9-year old smz natural hardwood


rural residential across road

public county road Nevada 13 - Bodcaw 265-acres' northeast line

homeplace 3-acres, pecan trees

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internal road

Access:    Public county road Nevada 13, refer to maps.

Boundary: White RFC flagging; lines old red paint & fence; established GLO boundaries, no new survey needed.

Section 27: N½ SW¼, S½ SW¼ SE¼ NE¼ lying west of center line county road 13, and SE¼ lying west of center line county road 13.

Section 34: N¾ NW¼ NE¼, all being in T13S, R23W, Nevada County, Arkansas 265-acres, more or less.


Location:    Nevada County, in Southwest Arkansas.


Offers:       Offers received by fax, email, mail, in-person and phone. If you need assistance in determining bid based on desired return rate (discount rate) utilizing custom growth-yield model, email or call; all your information is confidential.


ReservationMinerals reserved and seller reserves right to reject any and/or all offers.


Closing:     Within 30 days of acceptance, administered by RFC&RE. Earnest of 10% within 5 business days of acceptance. Buyer’s title insurance, revenue stamps, and closing admin fee divided equally. Taxes prorated. Closing costs increased by buyer paid by buyer (10% per annum daily prorate fee for buyer closing extension). No other terms exist outside this document unless duly executed by all parties. Submitted offers (verbal & written) are legally binding to all terms stated in this prospectus and deviating party responsible for reimbursing legal costs related to ensuring compliance.


Disclosure: Reynolds Forestry does not guaranty boundaries or volumes.


Contact:, or Colleen’s cell 870-299-0978, Teddy 870-299-0977 or Yana 870-299-9944 with questions, tour, or investment advice.


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