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Bodcaw 265-acres

Planted Pine &

Natural Hardwood


Nevada County, Arkansas

SOLD 12/31/2021


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There are no Costs in Site Preparation

Prepared for: Savannah On Site - November 1999 Issue
Prepared by: Teddy Reynolds, Reynolds Forestry Consulting - RFC, 870-234-0200 (ext 1202)

There are no costs involved in Site Preparation. They are simply investments that lower your risks and increase your return by: a) increasing your survival; b) increasing your biological growth rate; c) increasing your dividend schedule (thinning cycles); d) shortening your investment term (rotation); and thereby e) increasing your overall composite rate of return.

Timber when properly invested, provides the rate of return of a high risk mutual fund while exhibiting the combined stability of a Treasury-Bill. Its consistent weakness is the knowledge requirement of her investor and their acting there-on.

Following your final harvest, would you rather invest $70/acre (first generation seedlings and plant) over a 40 year term and gross <$5,000/acre (where seedlings survived) or invest $365/acre (two pass shear/plow/second generation seedling/plant/two herbaceous sprays) over a 25 year term and gross >$8,000/acre (with consistent 90% survival rates). Time is money. Money can’t buy back the time you lost, but properly managed time can make money. When I can spend a dollar and gain a day, the decision is easy.

Following a final harvest, there are three important site preparation objectives: 1) Competition Control ; 2) Debris Control; and 3) Tillage. Assigning each objective one point, then you would like to achieve 3 points for every selected site preparation system. For example:

Competition Control

Debris Control



Chemical Site Preparation: 1  0 0 1
Chemical Site Preparation/Burn*1 1 1 0 2
Two Pass Shear/Plow*2: 1 1 1 3
Note: Intermediate Treatments (herbaceous sprays, fertilizations, etc.) are recommended for all systems

*1  The burn incinerates many of the nutrients and exposes large areas to early erosion. The shear/plow wind-rows the debris between the furrows for slow decay and nutrient release. When contours are followed, erosion is controlled also.

*2  The Plow is a “three-in-one” plow which consists of a 42” coulter wheel, 22” shank, and two 36” disks.

The “Two Pass Shear/Plow” achieves the three site preparation objectives as follows:

1)   Competition is controlled by: a) Shearing the stumps and brush; b) Sub-soiling; c) Disking into furrows.

2)   Debris is controlled by shearing (V-Blade) the debris into miniature wind-rows between the plowed furrows.

3)   Tillage is accomplished by: a) Sub-soiling; and b) Disking into furrows.