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 Village 142 natural pine & hardwood

142 acres Columbia County, Southwest Arkansas

Ted's Quote:   Upland natural mixed pine & hardwood with county road frontage (electricity within 1/4 mile).


Description:     142 deed acres (141 gis acres), natural pine & hardwood, 250-350 feet elevation, gentle rolling upland, fine sandy & clay loam.

·  st1: 19-acres, 13yrs, pine >4” 700tpa.

·  st2: 9-acres, 13yrs, pine >4” 300tpa.

·  st3: 92-acres, 9yrs, hwd/pine >3” 400tpa.

·  st4:  8-acres, 9yrs, hwd/pine >3” 250tpa.

·  smz: 7-acres, 37yrs, hwd/pine 72tpa.

·  open: 6-acres in roads & open areas.


Timber:            Below summary by in-house forester Teddy Reynolds 870-299-0977. Bidders invited to conduct due diligent inspections; individuals entering tract waive owner liability.


stand acres gis type age pine >4.0" hwd >3.0" total tpa
tpa dbh ht tpa dbh ht
1 19 natural pine 13 700 5.7'' 36' 50 4.4'' 24' 750
2 9 natural pine 13 300 7.4'' 35' 100 3.5'' 25' 400
3 92 natural hwd/pine 9 100 4.8'' 25' 325 3.5'' 26' 425
4 8 natural hwd/pine 9 75 5.0'' 24' 175 4.1'' 22' 250
smz 7 natural hwd/pine 37 2 13.0'' 85' 70 11.0'' 60' 72
roads 6 roads-decks - - - - - - - -
  141   10 191 5.6'' 32' 249 3.7'' 26' 440


Access:           Maintained county road 51 from north & west. Excellent internal roads.

Boundary       S27.27ac SE¼ NW¼; NE¼ SW¼; 37ac NW¼ SW¼; and 38ac SE¼ SW¼ all in Section 36, T16S, R19W being 142 deed acres, more or less, Columbia County, Arkansas. Boundaries in white RFC flagging, old yellow paint and east line red paint; established survey boundaries, no new survey provided.


Sealed Bid: 1pm Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 (bid luncheon at noon; USA central time).


Flown Aerial Photo - September 7, 2017


Location Map

Soil Report

Topo Map

2014 Aerial Map

Location Bird's Eye


std 1

std 1

std 2

std 2

std 3


natural hardwood (std 3)



Interior road

Natural pine & hardwood (smz)

Interior road


Interior road


Interior road



North & West  maintained gravel County Road 51



Bidding:                Bids received by fax, email, web, mail, in-person and phone (recorded) are confirmed and sealed until bid opening. If you need assistance in determining bid based on desired return rate (discount rate) utilizing custom growth-yield model, email or call; all your information is confidential.


Reservation:           Seller reserves minerals & right to reject any bids.


Earnest:                10% within 5 business days of acceptance.


Closing:                Within 30 days of acceptance & administered by RFC&RE. Taxes prorated. Revenue stamps, buyer’s title insurance and closing administration divided equally. Closing costs increased by buyer paid by buyer (10% per annum daily prorate fee for buyer closing extension). No other terms exist outside this document unless duly executed by all parties. Submitted bids (verbal & written) are legally binding to all terms stated in this bid prospectus and deviating party responsible for reimbursing legal costs related to ensuring compliance. Exceptions & contingencies by bidder must be in writing with bid and accepted in writing.


                            Email or call me with any questions or if you would like a tour or personal investment return analysis.


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