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Bodcaw 265-acres

Planted Pine &

Natural Hardwood


Nevada County, Arkansas

SOLD 12/31/2021


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Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is the technology that allows the mapping of location data such as timber stands or tract/property boundaries using a GPS receiver and powerful GIS software (refer to GIS page). GPS technology relies on the coordination between a series of 24 satellites in space and a GPS ground unit receiver that is either usually hand-held or stored in a backpack. GPS uses these satellites or "man-made stars" as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters. With advanced forms of GPS you can make measurements to better than a centimeter. At Reynolds Forestry, we utilize GPS to determine stand boundaries and all many aspects of daily activity. We derive the accurate acreage from the collected GPS data which allows us to draw the stand maps on digital topographic and aerial maps as well as accurate billing.

Collected GPS data overlaid on 
Aerial and Topographic map

If you would like to learn more about GPS, view the links page. If you would like to learn more about how we use GPS at Reynolds Forestry Consulting, please contact me using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Colleen Morphew - 870-234-0200